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The South African Warmblood Horse

Brief Explanation of the stallion licensing categories:

Fully  Licenced
–  Means the stallion achieved 75%  or more. The horses will have been presented In Hand and under saddle at the level of his present training.

First Acceptance –  Means a young stallion not yet backed or just starting to be backed, that has received 70% or more In Hand. This includes loose movement or free jumping depending on whether Dressage or Jumping bred.  This horse has to be presented for the ridden section within 3 to 4 years to achieve a Full License. If not he becomes an Inspected horse.

Inspected  - means the stallion did not reach the level of 75% for stallion license but did get 65% or more. 65% is the minimum level for acceptance into the Stud Book. However as he has been presented to the inspection panel, his progeny will be accepted on to data base. The stallion can still achieve full licensed status by competing at the highest level or having progeny that compete at a high level.

Prospective – is an old category not longer in use but it means the stallion did not get the required 75 % for a full license but got between 70 to 75 %. They were required to present 10 foals for assessment before being considered for Full License or to compete at a high level. Today these stallions will be considered ‘Inspected".

All stallions can qualify for Full License by competing at the highest levels or through successfully competing progeny. Full details are available in the Members Guide.


Historic Stallions

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